Types of orders


2 business day delivery, max. daily 10.000 characters

Standard price


Within 2 calendar days, max. daily 10.000 characters

+50% surcharge


Withing 24 hours, max. daily 10.000 characters

+100% surcharge

Standard prices:

Hungarian > English, German:

2.30 Ft/character

English, German > Hungarian:

2.20 Ft/character

Hungarian > other European languages:

2.40 Ft/character

Other European languages > Hungarian:

2.30 Ft/character

Certified translation: 2000 Ft / document

Typewriting: 0.20 Ft/character


The above prices do not include the VAT.

Our business is currently exempt of VAT, therefore you pay 0 Ft VAT.

The above prices are valid for one-time order with standard delivery.

Discounts: depending on delivery time, difficulty and length of texts.

Certified translation


Certified translation is when the authorized person or organization certifies that the content of the translated text is the same as the content of the original text.


Our certified translators are authorized to make certified translation. But depending on the purpose of use in Hungary, you may need the translations made by Hungarian Office for Translation and Attestation Ltd. (OFFI).


Please contact our colleague regarding certified translation.

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